Frequently Asked Questions
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last updated October 3, 2016
Is delivery available?
Yes, white glove delivery is available on all purchases. Pricing is dependent on the destination zip code, as outlined below:
Zone 1
$29 on orders less than $300
FREE on orders $300 or more
Zone 2
$49 on orders less than $300
$29 on orders $300 - $799
FREE on orders $800 or more
Zone 3
$79 on orders less than $300
$49 on orders $300 - $799
$29 on orders $800 - $1499
FREE on orders $1500 or more
The delivery fee is the same, regardless of how many items you purchase. White-glove includes first floor service only. Elevator and stairs service is available for $12 per flight of stairs or elevator use for each item. Additional fees may apply for certain residence situations.
Confirm your zip code zone here.
What days is delivery available?
Delivery is currently available every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Following a purchase, our support team will work with you to confirm a day / time that best fits your schedule.
Can purchases be cancelled or returned?
All purchases are eligable for a refund, less applicable delivery fees, at point of receipt, for any reason. For example, if you are unsatisfied by the quality of an item you purchased for delivery, you are able to send it back with the truck.

Once items are received and accepted, all sales are final. Purchases can be cancelled; cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled delivery will be subject to the resulting delivery fee.

Resulting delivery fees are assessed on the total value kept.
If I purchase for pickup, how soon does an item need to be picked-up?
Pickup purchases need to be picked-up within 30 days of purchase. Pickup purchases are eligable for return only during the first 10 days following a sale; after 10 days all sales are final.
Where do pickups occur and on what day?
All pickups occur at 3065 N. Rockwell St. in Chicago, IL every Sunday, 9am-2pm.
Is it possible to rent furniture, instead of buying it?
Yes. More information on our furniture rental program can be found here.
What does it cost to list items through MarketSquare?
Listing items is completely free. This includes pick-up, photography and warehousing. Following a successful sale, we send you 60% of the proceeds less a one-time pickup fee of $39-89, depending on location.
How long do items list for sale on MarketSquare?
All items list on MarketSquare for 120 days, including an initial full-price list period of 60 days.
What happens if an item doesn't sell within 60 days?
Items that do not sell after 60 days, remain on the site for another 60 days, with 20% price reduction every 15 days until sold. Following a completed 120-day period, if an item still hasn't sold, consignors are able to pick it back up, or we can donate it to one of our charity partners.
Are there furniture & decor items MarketSquare does not accept?
We do not accept sleeper sofas.
Still have questions?
call us anytime at 773-309-1259